Welcome to Live the Learning Moments!  My name is Britt. My goal with this website is to support parents in one of their most vital roles: teacher to their child(ren).  Early learning really excites me. I love the way the mind works.  I earned a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with an Early Childhood Emphasis from Brigham Young University.  Then, I taught 1st grade for 4 years.

At the end of those 4 years, I had my first child and decided to stay home with her.  Parenting opened my eyes.  I thought I knew what parents dealt with every day.  I didn’t know parents were asked to make daily decisions with only part of the information.  I didn’t know how stressful it was to decide between schooling options (home school, local school, charter school, etc).  I didn’t know how much daily decisions, habit, and environment impact a child’s learning.  I didn’t know that learning was more than academics.  Six years later and two more kids in tow, I have some semblance of an understanding of those things and am still learning.

Please join me on my journey to Live the Learning Moments and excite the minds of children with the beauty this world contains both in academic and non-academic realms.

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